To Pick a Dress

Brazilian Cheer 

Brazilians love vibrant colors, I see people here wearing happy clothes and smiles everywhere. I think that is because there’s so much sunshine here.
… And sunshine make us happy, right?
Brazil Dress

When I travel for longer time, I often find myself wearing same sets of practical, well worn worker mans clothes…  All sensible enough, but a bit dull and not so much thrill to put on when going to a party.
Yes, I wanna look cute – I wanna look chic and colorful.  But hey, how does a girl bring along her entire wardrobe in a backpack? … Well, we just cannot..!

But when in Brazil – the land of happy dresses – why not pick a better solution alongside the many avenues of flowerful summer dresses.
They must  easily fit into the “party compartment” in my backpack.  And, if I’m invited to lunch or garden party somewhere, I’ll just reach into my backpack.
and woopty I could be all neat and ready to come along.
As I go shopping, I notice  they’ve got sizes for everyone – all from petite to rather big.

Brazilians think differently about sizes, I think because they are more accustomed to “curvy size girls “.
Here It’s not a taboo or shame to be bigger than regular.
So, If you’re not a size 34, or maybe your hips are curvier than average, then that is not  a problem in Brazil –  I love it..!  Yeah, being a little bit dutch much curvy myself.
I also noticed that many of the dresses made in Brazil are kinda uni-size, designed to fit and look nice on many different body types.
They’ll suit the lean fitness body style as well as the juicy girls sway.

Brazilian view on body size in relation to beauty seems very much different than what I’m used to from living in  Europe..
However that might  be, I believe every woman deserves to feel good in a colorful summer dress… Cuz, that’s one of the best feelings there is..!
Yup, a light dress for nice wear and easy to bring along everywhere…
Because you never know what will happen on the way.

But with so many options and sooo many colors to choose from, I think I’ll need your help deciding which dresses to pick for MioMaio.
Which color is your favorite? How do you feel about flower dresses?  Are short dresses a bit “problematic”?
Please let me know – I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments here below… See you there  <3

Feeling good by looking cute is always proper reason to wear dresses 😉

 Enjoy life dancing in sunshine…




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