Sunday Market in Montevideo

Feria de Tristan Narvaja

Every Sunday in Montevideo, Uruguay, one of South America’s largest flea markets opens early in the morning. It seems like everything is traded and sold there. Vintage stuff – cool antiquities, live music, clothe, fruit, cheese, animals and jewelry all mixed together side by side – perfectly chaotic – I’m dazzled…

The Market spreads across a whole neighborhood and the vendors use every available spot of street, and part of the pedestrian walk too, for their display…  You really can find everything here, as you tip-toe your way through !
I’ve got this constant urge to explore and find rare stuff, but I also enjoy meeting people and get to know their stories.
Of course I’m also very curious what I’ll find here for MioMaio.

As I walk towards the market, I can hear from blocks away the buzzing of the busy vendors hustling .
Montevideo on Sunday morning is very quiet, except in the streets of the neighborhoods where the market is held.
It is located off Calle 18 de Julio and you can hardly miss it.

The thrill of the Sunday Market is for me also about the exotic sounds of local troubadours singing spanish love songs in one street, and in another street you hear old Beatles records playing while deals are made and the merchants calling out their prices. .. I love it! I can easily understand why this Sunday Market is so popular – but you’ll have to come here and experience for yourself to really know the charm of this circus.  I walk turtle speed along the stalls as I look around.  I like to touch things and to really feel ‘em  – and I just love the smell of old books.

Then I see beautiful jewelry and must have stalled for long – looking mesmerized – because I felt the lady gently trying to attract my attention to her person behind the display. She was eager to explain that she made all the jewelry herself.  I noticed how carefully she handled her artwork and how her eyes showed pride when telling me about them and the price she would charge me.

The materials she used were just beautiful and the craftsmanship far better than I have seen for long.
I’m thinking, should I buy them?  Are they fun – are they special enough for Miomaio ? Would another girl also like them?  But questions like these are of course  impossible to answer.

After some more walking and looking around among the other artist products I decided to go back to the artist jeweler woman with the unique jewelry.
It has often enough been a mistake to keep looking around for more spectacular and unique artwork. And it certainly has happened many times before, that when I hesitate in buying something that I intuitively feel is right to buy, it is sold when I later return to buy.
And I end up with nothing ;(

Then it is much better to just enjoy the moment and share it with the rest of the world.

Welcome to MioMaio  and enjoy the treasures I found for you .

With Love,


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