Kissed by the Sun and Chilled by the Ocean 


People from all over the world enjoy Florianopolis.
Through the mountains, different beaches and the green forests, I found it an impressive place and spend some time there.

There are a lot of hostels but after some searching,
I found an apartment that was even cheaper than a hostel in this city.
I chose to stay on the island because it was closer to beach life and the other travelers.
In addition to all the beautiful nature, it’s always fun for me to meet other travelers and share stories from other places in the world.
Most people come from the Iguazu Falls or are going the waterfalls. The bus connection is excellent between these two places. I came from the Iguazu Falls and after Florianopolis I went to Porto Alegre. From here all buses drive more often a day.

But first I had to enjoy this great place!


The beaches were definitely as impressive as I thought. Clean beaches, blue water and fortunately not crowded with people.
I was there in the middle of the high season but found out that is was fine with the crowds.
The island is quite stretched and because there are so many different places to visit, you will not see most of the people again.
I think that is a big advantage.

Of course, I was also looking around for MioMaio. In Florianopolis I was impressed with many different types of clothes.
The price was slightly higher than elsewhere in Brazil but that’s because it’s so touristy. For those who like surfing, this is the place to visit. Not only because of the waves and the beaches, but also for all the great material and clothes that are on sale here. I have not seen many famous brands and especially the colors and materials I have seen in many other places in Brazil.

In Florianopolis you can see a lot of cotton and clothes from Indonesia. The famous Batik is still in fashion here and very nice to wear when it’s hot. So I am very pleased with the fashion in Florianopolis.

Of course there is more to do in this amazing city and the beaches are just impressive. Long walks or swimming is a must when you are here.

Let the flowers kiss and the ocean touch you. Enjoy the sun, even when it goes down behind the mountain’s, the sun is still there in the beautiful Brazilian smiles.


Florianopolis makes you feel in love, in love with life.






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