Freedom Beads

The Cheer of Palm Trees 

Palm trees have this wonderful cheer about them, which seems to always make one happy, right? They’re so exotic with their majestic trunks and strong branches crowning their top. I always get excited when I see palm trees “dancing in the wind”.  They remind me what to do when sad…. Just dance…

Northern Uruguay and Brazil are full of wild growing palm trees …They are getting fewer though because of agricultural expansion –  many are just chopped  down to make room for human consumption.. Things like that make me so sad and I therefore decided to try help my friends, the Palm trees, by spreading their seeds…  I call them Freedom Beads…

In Brazil I found the palm kernels which the locals love to dye in more colors than there are in rainbows .

Brazilians make such cheerful and fun use of these beads, all from jewelry to bead curtains and seat covers… So, I started making bracelets. I thought they could be an uplifting way to honor the palm trees and perhaps lead some attention to their trouble with human expansion. I thought that, symbolically, by wearing the seeds of the palm tree, I could carry with me the happy spirit of a little baby palm tree…
Well, perhaps somewhat silly, but it really works for me.

Try them on for yourself and show that you care for nature  – you just might light up in bright Brazilian smile and start dancing in the wind.

Love, JasMijn.   

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