My name is Jasmijn Dennink and I’m a Dutch girl who lives in Uruguay. I was traveling in South America and found my new homeland here in Uruguay.
Uruguay is a safe and friendly country with a wonderful nature.

The people here are very creative and use natural materials to craft their artwork. I so much wanted to share this local art-world with everyone and soon that developed into the website MioMaio.

MioMaio is more than only sharing products with others.
It is a way to support local artists and to help them open gateways to the outside world . 
I notice that I also  became more creative and love now to make jewellery on my own.
I work with the Freedom Beads and with this I  hope to direct attention to the the yet unspoiled Uruguayan nature we live in.

We need the nature and not the other way around.

I wish for everyone a nice and peaceful life. By working together, we can support each other moving forward. A small  step for one person is sometimes the longest one for someone else.
With MioMaio I hope to bring people together through common interest for local artwork and preservation of local cultures. I hope you too will like to be part of this with me and Miomaio .

Thank you for visiting MioMaio – I wish all the best .

Love JasMine



Hello there,

I am Marjolein Koole and originally I’m from the Netherlands but I live in Egypt with my family since 2006. It all happened after a beautiful dive in the Red sea which toke my heart away and made me stay in this beautiful country!

We started in that time our own excursion company ‘Smiletours’ in Sharm el Sheikh, but due the crisis in the country we had no work for nearly 2 years. 

And in that time I started to be creative together with my daughter and we visited several times the local market from the community with our handmade jewelry.
What all started as a hobby grown out of love became my final work.

I make jewelry made of natural stones & Tibetan silver and as well waterproof pendants which are ideal for divers or water lovers just like me.

From every handmade item there is only one of each so that it stays special and that the person wearing it can imagine, that only he or she is wearing that item in the whole world!
Because we know how hard it is to have no income at all, I save 15% of every sold item for people in need or for local charities.

Thank you very much for visiting MioMaio.