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    Anklets – String Tie Aruba

    White beaches and flowers every where – String Tie Aruba Easy to wrap around your ankle and looks good with every outfit. Colors: Mint Blue and Bright Orange This anklet is waterproof and easy to make … Read More

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  • Keycord Charm Tree

    Made of  Freedom Beads, painted in cheerful colors which attract your attention to nature.

    All keychains are unique and come in different color schemes. They symbolize The Tree Of Life, strength and growth.

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  • Necklace – Yoga Mala Organic Health

    Freedom Bead Yoga collections are made of palm kernels which are dyed in various colors. They symbolize fertility and preservation of nature, and wearing these beads literally means you carry seeds of the forest with you.  Just one seed is the beginning of a whole forest. The beads are strung along durable nylon string – durable in water too.

    The color brown is a warm color that stimulates the appetite. While it is sometimes considered dull, it also represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, and health.

    Shades of brown when combined with green create a palette often used to convey concepts of recycling, earth-friendly, or all natural.

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