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Necklace – Royal Blue Galaxy

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Deep Galaxy turquoise stone with naturally sparkling stars embedded.
Very special indeed.

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Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue rock with distinctive golden pyramid spikes. Sometimes the stone also contains pieces of white calcite and sometimes marble.
When the stone is evenly cobalt blue, then it’s called Royal Blue.

The lapis lazuli has been used as ornamental decoration for more than 9000 years. As a gemstone, it is popular because of the very decorative colors and patterns. Take note of the pyramid spikes: sometimes they form in shapes of stars or spirals.

As a healing stone, the Lapis Lazuli is used for centuries for head, throat and lung problems. The stone is also known as the friendship stone, and has for centuries been associated with wisdom, reflection and depth.

It is the national stone of Afghanistan and Bolivia.
The lapis lazuli belongs to the constellation Sagittarius.


Lapis lazuli is the stone of friendship and relationships. It helps you to accept your relationships and partner as they are.
It increases your self-confidence and confidence in your own ability and intuition.
Fears and prejudices is said to disappear with lapis lazuli.

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