The Guarani Woman

Sky Blue Turquoise 


Turquoise is my favorite color. It reminds me of summer fun at the beach. For me it is those happy colors that make me smile. I love stones of all different sorts and I think every stone is unique. Curious that nature provide such wonderful material.

Equal to their beauty, stones have various meanings.
For some people, stones are a medicine and have healing powers.
Recently I met a very interesting tribal Woman from the Guarani tribe in eastern Paraguay Iguazu Falls. She explained that in her culture it is normal for her people to carry little pebbles in their pockets to help maintain harmony in their lives.

She said the Sky blue turquoise is one of the most powerful but rare stone, because it is hardest to come by.  For the Guarani tribe the Blue Sky Turquoise is only found deepest inside natural caves and the men must sometimes even dig mines and search for long to find it.

She recommended for girls to wear  Sky blue Turquoise in earring and pendants because they carry strong faith along with them, which will brighten a woman’s sense of her inner beauty and so help overcoming obstacles in exterior world…..

Indeed the Sky blue Turquoise vibrate a healing charge which aides our emotional balance and support us, she said.

At that moment, because of her gentle nature and how she explained everything I believed her indigenous wisdom and I felt peaceful.

Whether true or not doesn’t really matter to me, because the stones are beautiful and it feels good to share a piece of nature with you.

The meanings and healing powers only makes them even more precious  … and who knows how these powers come out and give you strength and positivity – only you’ll know, right? 😉

Love, Jasmijn.

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