The WorldWide Yoga Collection is online!

Inspired by people around the world – different cultures, colors and natural materials. That’s the new MioMaio collection:

The WorldWide Yoga Collection.

Why Yoga? Yoga means for me tranquility and balance.

It’s a way to connect with yourself and this is very personal to everyone. There are many different way’s and in combination with color and natural materials it inspired me to create a new collection.

A collection that everyone can identify and what everyone can wear.
A collection that radiates power, happiness and positive energy.

I wanted to stay as close as possible to nature. Not only in terms of material but also in meaning and color. For me it is important to keep the jewelry modest and subtle but special to the ones who are wearing them.

The jewelry is made of palm kernels. Some have a special element like a glass or stone bead to give the ornament and extra meaning.








In addition to the bracelets, there are also the Yoga Mala’s. These Mala’s have an important meaning for those who practice yoga. The Mala’s are used for meditation and prayer. These chains are all unique and there is only one available per type.

A mala is originally a prayer chain. Malas have been worn for thousands of years and used by Hindu and Buddhists during puja (prayer) and meditation to count mantras.

A mala is a symbol of compassion and is today carried by many, especially as a fashion necklace.

It’s a smaller chain, easy to wear and perfect for the beginner if you just try to find your way in the Yoga World and you are looking for your way of meditating.

I hope you will all enjoy the new collection and that these unique jewelry will be shared all over the world.

How nice would it be if we could make the world more beautiful by wearing color?


The WorldWide Yoga Collection is not a big collection. Many jewelry are unique and there are only one of them. If you are interested, please order because they are very popular right now.

Thanks! –  I wish to give the world more color, together with you.




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